Eek-A Mouse Says Jah Cure Stab Victim “Met His Match”

by Ramona Samuels

Jah Cure

Dancehall and reggae giant Eek-A-Mouse is crying foul as he says the man who is said to be the alleged stab victim of entertainer Jah Cure, Nicardo “Papa” Blake, is of sketchy character and has “finally met his match.”

Last week reports swirled news outlets about Grammy-nominated singer Jah Cure’s arrest in the Netherlands. Headlines about the songwriter’s stabbing of a reggae promoter were the talk around Jamaica, as police in the European country continued with investigations into what led to the alleged stabbing of Blake in the abdomen by Cure.

The reggae veteran stated that he did a show for ‘Papa’ and up to this day has not received payment. He further explained that several entertainers dating back to twenty years ago can attest to the same experience.

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“A thief dem, Papa a wicked bwoy and he always has his gun,” he told Caribbean National Weekly.

The singer further stated that the promoter could have possibly intimidated Jah Cure. Though Eeka was not present at the location where the altercation ensued, he assured that his experience with Blake is one he will never forget and for all the wrong reasons.

“A lot of history is repeating, this is history we are seeing here, dem man deh wicked. I know the promoter very well so I can say these things, and much more can be said. That is how it is in foreign, somebody can rip you off; they can rip you off, and tempt you to provoke you to stab them or punch them down. You go to the police and it is like you lose double, you know double Jeopardy?” he said.

“Capleton worked with Papa and knows Papa too. He should tell the people that Papa took his money too.” Luciano as well must come out and tell the people, cause Jah Cure nah go jail enuh,” He told CNW Network. “Ask Bounty Killer about Papa, he set up Bounty as well.”

In the meantime, investigations surrounding the stabbing of Nicardo “Papa” Blake continue as Jah Cure remains behind bars.




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