Christopher Martin Receives Billboard Plaque For Reggae Album ‘And Then’

by Ramona Samuels


Reggae hitmaker, Christopher Martin recently received a Billboard plaque for his 2019 album And Then, which went number one on the Reggae Albums Chart shortly after its release.

In an Instagram post made on Saturday, the proud singer carefully unwrapped the plaque to show off the major milestone achieved in his career. “It’s a good feeling”, he said as the big plaque bearing his name was unveiled.

The post’s caption read, “remember up a country when mi did a climb tree, now I am climbing charts. God good eh. This one is for all of those who have been with me from the jump. Couldn’t have done it without you all. Love unuh from mi heart.”

The Big Yard artiste’s sophomore album was released in May 2019 and debuted at the top of the charts, before plummeting to number twenty-two. It skyrocketed again to number two in the same month.

The album’s fifteen tracks include Life, Come Back, Bun Fi Bun, Can’t Dweet Again, I’m About It, To Be With You, Still Got Feeling , Is It Love, True Love, Happy You’re Mine, Mirror Mirror, Don’t Tell, Tears In Her Eyes, I’m Tired and I Do It All.

The album’s producers are Robert Livingston, Llamar Brown, Kingyard Productions, Frenchie, White Gad Productions and Jordan McClure.



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