#Op-Ed Contributed Poem: “Stuck in Quarantine”

By: Teresa Lewis

With nothing to do
except use the loo,
trying to breathe
but it’s very stuffy,
my brain was getting fuzzy
of the warm sun against my skin and the calming breeze
That would take ease.

For the first time since the Corona,
a pandemic that crept up on the world
and swooped up thousands of people.
It has controlled what we could do.
So I took nature’s course to remind me of this view

With nothing to do except use google,
classrooom, a phone, and come up with games,
I knew I had to take this trip to reclaim my mind.
On my walk, the sky had me in awe
I heard a bird go caw.
I had watched the beautiful flowers bloom.
I looked at the sky and cloud watched.

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Stuck in quarantine
ain’t got nothing on me
when I see my neighbors’ smile
and the sun shine,
I feel alive!

By: Teresa Lewis



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