Overtown, no longer a Food Desert

First local Grocery opens in Overtown in years

Miami Commission Chairman Keon Hardemon & The Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) have announced the grand opening of Top Value Supermarket, the first major grocery store in Overtown. The lack of having a large grocery store currently located in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood, and the lack of one anywhere locally for years, has given the city a negative connotation as a “food desert”.

With the opening of this grocery store, its residents will have access to fresh produce, quality meats, alternate food options, and items without having to leave town. With this option to live and shop local, hopes of stimulating the economy are now greater.

The CRA invested $2.2 million to renovate the interior and exterior of the Overtown Plaza. The company received a total of $600,000; $200,000 grant and a $400,000 loan, in funding from the CRA to assist with construction costs for the build out of the 17,158 square foot store.



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