Miami-Dade students excel in SAT exams

Miami-Dade students excel in SAT exams 

Results from the College Board Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) taken by South Florida senior students earlier this year or last year revealed impressive performance by Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ (M-DCPS) students. The report indicated these seniors performed better than  students in other South Florida and Florida school Districts with scores increasing in Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

Reacting to the impressive results, Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said, “Our students continue to do exceptionally well on state and national assessments. “The results of the College Board SAT demonstrate that our students are not only outpacing their state and national counterparts, but are emerging from high school with superior college and career readiness skills. They are fully engaged academically and our instructional staff and programs are among the best in the nation. All of Miami-Dade County should revel in this outstanding achievement for our students and teachers.”

An analysis of the M-DCPS SAT results indicted: increase in the average scores in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing; while the average scores nationally and for Florida schools declined. The scores achieved by Miami-Dade students in Critical Reading increased by 16 points, in Mathematics by 12 points, and 13 points in writing. M-DCPS students’ average Critical Reading scores were as high or higher than statewide averages in 34 county senior high schools, Mathematics scores higher in 28, and Writing scores higher in 29 schools.

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Meridith Brandt, math teacher at a Cutler Ridge, Miami-Dade high school, praises the District “for the leadership offered by Miami-Dade School District in ensuring the 2016 graduating class is effectively prepared to either enter four-year colleges or the job market.” She said the District’s leadership “went a long way to cope with the challenges faced by both students and teacher.”

Substantiated by information received from the office of M-DCPS, Brandt cited that the District provided students and teachers with various SAT prep materials, online resources, and professional development in the area of course and test instructions. The District said these initiatives helped to strengthen teaching strategies and student’s course skills assessed by the SAT. “The very positive SAT results achieved by our students is a reflection of the success of the instructions and focus on enhancing teacher’s skills in Critical Reading, Math, and Writing,” Brandt said.


Miami resident, Olivia Theobalds, also had high praise for the Miami-Dade School District. “The preparation given to my daughter for the SAT was exceptional. At first she was very nervous about the test, but the hands-on preparation she received eventually made her very confident. She passed the test impressively, which made her acceptance into a local college much easier.”



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