What did you think about the Republican National Convention?

Tina – Miramar, FL

It was excellent. The crowd was electric. I was on the fence, but when I heard what Donald Trump had to say, I was convinced that he would be good for the country. It’s going to be different, but it’s time for a change. We’ve done it one way, now it’s time to go a different route. I don’t think I’ll be voting for Donald though. Let the chips fall where they may.

Alice – Hollywood, FL

I don’t agree with a lot of what Trump said. I am Mexican so I was personally offended by his comments about Mexicans. A lot of the labor in this country is provided by Mexicans. I do not vote so I will definitely not be voting for Trump. My approach is to pray for this country and the government. God is the ideal President. He’s the best President that we could ever have in our lives. I was also offended when he claimed to be a Christian because he does not carry himself like a follower of Jesus Christ.

Lionel – France

As a Frenchman, I am nervous about Trump’s plan to close the borders. At one time, the French thought that the US was a dangerous place, but the tables have turned and I now think that France is a dangerous place. It is not a safe place to raise children. Lots of French people want to move to the US for a better life. There are many immigrants in France who are creating problems and who paint France in a bad light. We actually need someone like Trump in France  to bring change. I support Trump. I just hope that he does not close the borders before honest, hardworking immigrants like myself get a chance to capture a part of the American dream.

Tamyka– Hollywood, FL

I am not into TV so I did not watch it. I read about it on Social Media. That whole issue with Malenia Trump was shady. I do not support Don Trump. On the one hand, I like many of his views, but he is too racial. That is the thing that I don’t like about him.

Ingrid – Pembroke Pines, FL.                             

I did not like it. I think that Donald Trump spent the whole time shouting. He made these big pronouncements, but he did not explain how he was going to get all these things done. He needs to lighten up. I don’t know how he is getting the support that he seems to be getting. Melania knowingly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. I do not support Trump or the Republican Party. If Trump becomes President, next year we will be purging.

Manny – Liberty City, FL

I didn’t watch the Republican National Convention. I have no interest in Donald Trump or the Republican Party. I will definitely not be voting for Donald Trump.

Lysette – Hollywood, FL

I didn’t watch it all, but I was very concerned because Trump is coming on very strong. He is a very strong candidate and we need to unite and stand up for what we believe and for each other. I am from a family of immigrants and I think that everybody deserves a chance. This country was built on the backs of immigrants. I believe that things must be done properly, not by force or by fear. There is good and bad in every culture and race, but it is not right to degrade or demean whole groups of people.

Shanice – Pembroke Pines, FL.

I didn’t watch it, but I saw lots of reviews and clips on Social Media. I found that plagiarism issue with Melania Trump interesting. Also, they definitely should have gotten Queen’s permission to use their song. They should have known better. There are some good things about Trump, but there are also lots of things about him and his policies that I don’t like. Besides that, I couldn’t care less about the RNC. I don’t think that I would vote for Trump, but I also don’t think that I would vote for Hillary, so right now I’m undecided.

Rodney – Miami, FL

It went as expected. I didn’t expect any more or any less. I was somewhat impressed. I have mixed feelings though about Trump and the Republican Party. I think they would show stronger force against terror than the Democrats have and they would do a better job of keeping our borders safe. However, this whole election process is out of control. There is too much craziness going on. It’s nothing like it used to be. As Donald Trump said, the whole world is watching and with all that’s been going on, I think we look bad.


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