With a look at some of the top stories making the news today, August 30th, across your Caribbean-American community in South Florida, I’m Suzette Speaks for CNW 90.

Today’s news is brought to you by the Goldson Spine and Rehabilitation Center, who reminds you “After a car accident, Call Goldson Spine.”

Here’s a look at our top stories:

The Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning says the country’s adult literacy rate is now at 87 percent coming from a rate of 50 percent in 1974. Deputy Executive Director Dr. Grace-Camille Munroe, notes that even with this major climb, the Jamaica is still lagging behind some of its Caribbean neighbors adding that the literacy rate affects the country’s productivity and competitiveness.

Ambassador of Japan in Haiti, Yoshiaki Hatta, delivered a donation of 8,509 metric tons of rice to Haiti last week in cooperation of an agreement signed January 20 of this year between the two countries Japan and Haiti. The agreement aims to enable the execution of socio-economic projects from the funds generated by the sale of this rice. These 8,500 tons of rice worth almost 5 million US dollars should be placed on the Haitian market in the next two weeks. Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings has called for President Obama to visit the Caribbean nation in order to reaffirm the U.S commitment to a democratic Haiti.

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld in Central Florida have started distributing free insect repellent to patrons in an effort to prevent the spread of the mosquito borne zika virus. To date there are over 40 cases locally reported transmitted cases in Florida.

Let’s take a look at sports:

Jamaican female micro weight, Marissa Jones, scored a victory at the fifth International Taekwon-Do Federation Africa Cup in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia earlier this month. The Karate fighter battled her way the female black belt title which featured participants from countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania. Jones, who was beaten in the first round of continuous sparring at July’s US Open was drafted into Jamaica’s female combined martial arts squad five seasons ago and has consistently medaled at ISKA tournaments as well as the US Open.

And now, here’s what’s trending:

London police have made about 200 arrests at the Notting Hill Carnival as thousands of patrons turned out for one of Europe’s largest street parties. The Metropolitan Police reported most of the arrests were for drug and weapons with some people arrested for more than one offense.

For today’s weather forecast:

Thunderstorms in Broward County with a high of 85 and a low of 76. Thunderstorms in Miami-Dade, with a high of 85 and a low of 79.

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Today’s news is brought to you by the Goldson Spine and Rehabilitation Center, who reminds you “After a car accident, Call Goldson Spine.”

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