The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago collected data from May 2015 to December 2016 revealing almost 9,000 child abuse cases in the twin island nation.

The highest reported abuse included physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

In their press release, the Authority states it is joining the national recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month to bring awareness of the role communities and families play in preventing such abuse.

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The Authority also listed tips to prevent child abuse, such as:

  • Minimize opportunity- Eliminate or reduce “one on one” situations, to lower the risk of abuse. Seek help when under stress to help you parent effectively because it’s easy to cross the line.
  • Talk about it- Often, children may feel ashamed to report incidents or abuse. It is important that parents and caregivers maintain open communication with children to allow them to feel comfortable to report incidents or concerns that may have.
  • Know the non-physical signs of child abuse- Depression, fear or avoidance or a certain adult or place, difficulty trusting others or making friends, sudden changes in eating or sleeping patterns, bed wetting, nightmares, inappropriate sexual behavior, poor hygiene, secrecy and hostility.
  • Talk to children about what is an “ok” touch- One that makes them feel happy and safe, and a touch that is “not ok”- one that hurts and makes them feel uncomfortable.

All abuse in the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago should be reported to police at 999, the Authority’s hotline at 996 or 800-2014 or online at

All abuse in the state of Florida should be reported to police at 911, The Florida Abuse hotline at 1-800-962-2873 or online at




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