St. Lucia’s election date June 6

St. Lucia election date June 6
St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony

PM Anthony calls polls early

St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has announced June 6 as the date for the next general election telling the electorate that he had decided to call the polls early in the interest of the country. Nomination Day will be on May 27.

In a radio and television broadcast, Anthony said that he had until April 5, 2017 to call the general election under the Constitution.

“However, I have decided in the interest of our country to call the general election several months ahead of its due date to ensure peace, stability and certainty in our country and its affairs.

“The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has agitated for elections for months and on our side, the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) says, “we are ready,” he told the nation.

In the November 2011 general election, the SLP won 11 of the 17 seats with the UWP winning six seats.

“Fellow Sr. Lucians, the die is cast! The decision time has arrived! Today, I advised the Governor General to dissolve the Parliament of St. Lucia, and to issue “Writs of Election” to pave the way for the General Election.



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