New art project to hit Little Haiti

Another commemorative artwork honoring the lives lost in the 2010 earthquake has received greenlight funding from the Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge competition – an organization dedicated to enlivening public spaces in Miami-Dade County.

Submitted by the Miami Mountains Foundation in partnership with the Northeast Second Avenue Partnership (NE2P), the project plans to transform a large, grassy median at NE 2nd Ave and NE 62nd St. with its “Ayiti, Land of High Mountains” project.

The design includes a large-scale, walk-through, polychrome iron sculpture of the beautiful mountains in Haiti by kinetic artist Miguel Prypchan. The redesigned Median will also offer additional comfortable seating and shading in the area for pedestrians, church and park-goers, and bus riders, and provides additional greenery and color in an otherwise overlooked lot.

“Our goal is to transform an overlooked but important public space in Little Haiti, into a useful, and beautiful artistic landscape for local residents,” says the organization in a statement. “We want to commemorate the more than 250,000 lives lost in the Haiti earthquake in 2010, and inspiring Miamians to recognize the impact of the Haitian culture on our local community.”



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