Miami-Dade schools police department swear in new officers

Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho, Chief of Police Ian A. Moffett, School Board members, administrators, new police officers and their families gathered this morning at the School Board Administration Building Auditorium for the swearing-in ceremony of new officers and the promotion of other department personnel.

The newly sworn officers are: Gregg Boone, Ariel Caveda, Jovany Jimenez, Benito Joseph, Rayner López, Lorvia Paul, Monica Rodríguez, and Janet Romero. Promoted were Cmdr. Carlos Fernández to Major; Officer Edward Walker to Commander; Sgt. Montoya Jackson to Commander; and Officer Natasha Arrebola to Sergeant.

New Command staff titles announced were: Cmdr. Manuel Arrebola, Cmdr. Joseph Bevilacqua, Cmdr. Deanna Fox-Williams, Cmdr. Edwin López, Cmdr. Ivan Silva and Cmdr. William Tagle.

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