Grant fires back! Pauline Grant’s lawsuit

Former Broward Health CEO filed lawsuit against Board

Former CEO of Broward Health Pauline Grant files lawsuit

Pauline Grant’s lawsuit against Broward Health

Former Broward Health CEO Pauline Grant responds to recent dismissal with lawsuit filed against Board

Following her recent dismissal former Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Broward Health (BH), Pauline Grant, who is Jamaican, has responded with a lawsuit against her former employer.
On December 1, in an unexpected move by the BH board, Grant was fired on allegations of accepting kickbacks from a physician during her prior tenure as CEO of Broward Health North in 2015. Despite wide-scale protests, the details of the allegations are yet to be revealed by
the Board.  Protests have led to the Broward County Commission withholding an $8.5million grant to assist the hospital in providing healthcare services to poor residents.  Grant who has strongly denied the allegations filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Broward Health. Pauline Grant’s lawsuit was filed specifically against BH general counsel Lyn Barrett and the four Board members that participated in the December 1 meeting, claims the board and general counsel violated Florida’s open-meetings law in deciding Grant’s dismissal.
Pauline Grant’s lawsuit claims Barrett collaborated with individual board members prior to the December 1 meeting, and made the determination to dismiss Grant in a private meeting. This was contrary to Florida’s Sunshine law that requires public boards, like Broward Health’s, to conduct meetings accessible to the, and in, public. The lawsuit also claims the agenda for the Board meeting did not include an item related to Grant’s dismissal.
The lawsuit filed by Attorney Eugene Pettis on Grant’s behalf stated the hospital’s general counsel conducted a secret investigation related to Grant for several months, while specifically informing her she was not being investigated, “then used outside counsel to conduct these rapid-fire meetings with only the information that there may have been a violation of the law…… without the benefit and guarantee of public discourse as
guaranteed by Florida law.”
Barrett previously sought legal advice from two attorneys prior to recommending Grant’s dismissal.  The members of Broward’s Health Board are the appointees of Florida Governor Rick Scott. On dismissing Grant the Board also reinstated former Interim CEO Kevin Fusco, who was previously removed and replaced by Grant last January.
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