FL ranks #6 for Doctor arrests in opioid epidemic according to DEA study

Opioid epidemic

With the ongoing opioid crisis, more emphasis is being placed on where these drugs are coming from, including looking at the doctors themselves. To explore the role physicians play in the growing epidemic, the team at Dataforstories.com team analyzed data from the DEA’s “Cases Against Doctors” report to uncover the states where physician arrests and overdose deaths are highest. Unfortunately, Florida stood out:
Florida is #6 for DEA physician arrests—the state has almost 53 percent more DEA physician arrests than the state average 

  • At 72 percent opioids are the most common substance involved in physician arrests with almost 1 in 3 being oxycodone and 1 in 4 hydrocodone
  • Enough Hydrocodone is distributed to supply almost 22K adults for a year, at a 5mg dose at 8 tablets per day
  • Florida ranks as the fifth state overall with the most drug overdose deaths

Here’s the full study. As the data shows, Florida’s own trusted medical professionals have played their own role in Florida’s overdose death rate.



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