Caribbean Americans gives Clinton a debate hat-trick

Caribbean Americans gives Clinton a debate hat-trick

As was the situation in the two previous 2016 presidential

Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the majority of Caribbean-Americans gathered at n debate watch party in South-West Miami believed Clinton firmly won the third debate on Wednesday night.

Of twenty-six Caribbean American college undergraduates and graduates with an average age of 29 years, from five South Florida colleges, FAU, FIU, MDC. NOVA SE University and BCC, including 7 Hispanic Americans, 10 Democrat and 9 Republican supporters, and 7 who support nether, 18 believed Clinton won the debate, and 8 said Trump won.

Of the 9 Republicans, only 3 said that they would definitely be voting for Trump. Four said they will not vote for Trump nor Clinton and 2 said they are still undecided.

Daniel Duhaney said although he has been a registered Republican ever since he first registered in 2007 and thought the debate was Trump’s strongest of the three “ Trump messed up badly when he said if he would concede if he loses the elections and prefers to keep the country in ‘suspense’ as to what he would do if he loses.

Over the last week Trump have been telling supporters at his rallies that the 2016 presidential elections could be rigged, and he suspects there’ll be incidences of voter fraud to ensure  Clinton wins. Asked by debate moderator Chris Wallace at Wednesday night’s debate if he would concede if he loses Trump said he could not make that decision now (at the debate), but would answer that question at the time, meaning on Election Night, and would keep the nation in suspense as to what he would do. “I am afraid that Trump’s stance could provoke social upheaval in the country if he loses.” Duhaney said, “That’s not what the Republican Party stands for.”

Lourdes Castillo, a Cuban-American, who is registered without party affiliations said she “could never support Trump as he has not shown genuine support for Hispanics.. He dissed Hispanics again tonight when he said they are some ‘bad hombres’ that need to be deported from the US. Clearly by using the Spanish word hombre he was referring to Hispanic Americans.

Throughout the 90 minute debates several of those present at the residence of Vance and Andrea Thelwell, Jamaican-Americans, commented that Clinton looked “confident” and “presidential.” Beatrice Comrie, a Bajan-American, commenting on Clinton white outfit said “Her being dressed in white is a statement that she isn’t a dishonest or crooked person as her opponents claim all the time.”

Shane Dennis, a Clinton supporter, who is undecided if he will vote, said “I support Hillary, and think she is a better debater and candidate than Trump, but I still have some doubts that were not answered in this or the other two debates. I may leave my decision to vote until Election Day itself.”


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